Hanna’s love for the cello began at the age of 5 and has only grown as she's followed music to all corners of the US and around the world to places like Canada, China, and South Korea. Since her arrival at the University of Michigan, where she is completing her graduate studies, Hanna has immersed herself in every type of music, including genres such as classical, contemporary, folk, and jazz. Some of her pivotal musical experiences include performing with members of the Silk Road Ensemble, teaching young children through outreach programs for at-risk youth, busking in town squares, traveling internationally with various classical ensembles, and touring with a Beatles tribute band. Constantly seeking opportunities to share music with all sorts of people, Hanna finds joy in every variety of music-making.

Hanna's favorite activities outside of playing the cello include petting her three cats, taking her cello out for dinner (and sharing a booth with him), puzzling over abstract algebra, and speaking only in superlatives.



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